IT Talent Aqusition

“Friends first” is one of the guiding principles that has served this company from day one. What it means is that we take care of our people and stay focused on providing the right consultants to the right organizations.

Our Consultant Care Program is part of this approach. It helps us build and maintain a network of highly skilled professionals. This is how we quickly fill our clients’ needs as they arise. Our subject matter experts have mastered the ability to identify the top talent in one to two specific skill sets. They then build a solid rapport with these individuals through regular weekly contact just as any good friend would. .

Before, during, and after an assignment, we make each consultant feel like part of our team through networking events, happy hours, team lunches, and various training and development opportunities. This frequent contact gives us the opportunity to share company news and to keep up with a consultant’s current goals. It also makes it easier to remarket a consultant once the current contract ends.

Starting as early as 60 days before the completion date, we actively begin our search for the next “right” assignment. By ensuring the most options, we lessen the consultant’s anxiety, even as we encourage them toward completion of the current contract. We know all too well, the successful completion of one assignment is the best assurance of a good referral for the next one.