Medical Transcription Services

Flowerhorn IT is a privately owned Medical Transcription Services company with its business office in Bangalore, India. We are providing of high quality and cost-effective medical transcription services.Flowerhorn IT is committed to produce quality transcription and reduce turn around time. Flowerhorn IT consistently delivers medical transcription services with minimal to zero errors, fast turnaround times and exceptional customer. Flowerhorn IT works in close collaboration guidance and training under different specialty doctors.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with fast, accurate and cost-effective medical transcription services, while maintaining the highest levels of integrity, compliance and ethics. One Company….One Source …One Stop…. For all transcription services your practice needs. Upto 40% lower cost than traditional providers. Helping doctors regain their voice.

About service

We provide High Quality Medical Transcription services by converting freeform medical dictation into electronically formatted patient records used by healthcare providers for patient care and administration. Flowerhorn IT Medical Transcription Unit is team of Managers, Quality Analysts and Medical Transcriptionists who are having over 8-10 years of experience in transcription and this group is ably led by highly qualified professionals. We strictly adhere to AAMT guidelines with regard to grammar, punctuation, and formatting styles, unless the client has any specific instruction. The reports are multispecialty in nature.


  1. Obtain all your services from one company
  2. Unbelievable cost-savings over traditional vendors
  3. Use the latest and most advanced technologies to power your practice
  4. High quality, trained professionals
  5. Designed for physicians by physicians
  6. Unparalleled customer response
  7. Increase efficiency and productivity
  8. Slash overhead costs
  9. Decrease administrative tasks
  10. Preserve staff time for high-priority tasks
  11. Use advanced technological capabilities to manage your practice